FH attack after BH loop patron

Drill No: 10
Category: offensive
Type of drill: footwork
Player level: from intermediate to professional
For who: right-handed

→ FH service
→ BH push
→ BH loop
→ FH block
→ FH smash
→ BH block

After short service ①, followed by long push back ②, play BH loop ③ to the FH corner ④. Training partner should return a not aggressive block back without of lot topspin compensation. This sometimes will create a bit higher ball. When return ball is high enough, smash it with FH to the BH corner ⑥ after walk around.
If the return ball ④ is not high enough, just play the BH loop ③ back to the FH corner.
Repeat drill 5-10 minutes.