Advance 2 step footwork

Drill No: 169
Category: offensive
Type of drill: footwork
Player level: from advanced to professional
For who: right-handed

→ BH service
→ FH flip
→ BH rally
→ BH rally
→ FH rally
→ FH rally
→ FH rally

After flip ② play BH to BH rally (3-4). Next, after few strokes partner will randomly return to the FH corner. Continue then with few strokes FH to FH (5-6). Again partner after few strokes will randomly return this time to BH corner. Answer ⑦ will be back to the BH corner. Then play 3-4 again. Repeat this schema at least 5-10 minutes. Every time increase the tempo of the drill or type of stroke.

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